Delaware’s ABCD Screening Academy Project built on Delaware’s Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS) plan to promote positive child physical and mental health.  Per the ABCD Screening Academy formula, the Delaware team established a statewide stakeholder’s group, selected and piloted a screening tool within selected demonstration sites and promoted structured screening with managed care partners who serve the Medicaid population. 

Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy project in Delaware improved the delivery of child development services by:

  • Promoting a heightened awareness of the importance of developmental screening among managed care companies which serve the Medicaid population.
  • Implementing the use of the PEDS (Parents Evaluation of Developmental Status) as a developmental screening tool in all of the ABCD demonstration sites.
  • Spreading the use of objective, validated screening tools as part of well child care by hosting an ABCD Stakeholder’s Forum dedicated to promoting structured developmental screening throughout the state. 
  • Sustaining ABCD activities through funding requests to replicate the ABCD Screening Academy initiative and a second grant proposal for Project LAUNCH, which proposing to use a statewide public health approach to promote universal screening by providers.
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Number of Infant Screenings by Pilot Site
(Delaware ABCD Screening Academy Project) Table showing number of infant screenings by pilot site between January and June. December 2008 Gauging Success:  Measurement and Evaluation