The Curtain Rises on the Next Act: State Implications of the Supreme Court’s ACA Decision

When the Supreme Court rules on the Affordable Care Act, the curtain will rise on the next act of health reform implementation. On this webinar, we will discuss the ACA decision and begin to make sense of what it means for states.

Will the post-decision environment bring states closer together or farther apart? If the law is upheld in its entirety, do we expect state activity to change? If parts of the law are repealed, what does it mean for active and less active states? If the decision is unclear, how do we begin to make sense of it? If the entire law is struck down, where do states go next?

State officials from Maryland and Wisconsin will join NASHP’s Alan Weil and Sonya Schwartz to share their thoughts.



Julie Barnes, Director of Health Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center


Alan Weil, Executive Director, National Academy for State Health Policy

Sonya Schwartz, Program Director, National Academy for State Health Policy


Chuck Milligan, Deputy Secretary, Health Care Financing, Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

Dennis Smith, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Health Service


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