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The Massachusetts Prevention and Wellness Trust Fund (PWTF) is a unique state model that supports community-based partnerships, including municipalities, healthcare systems, businesses, regional planning organizations, and schools, to work together to provide research-based interventions that will improve health outcomes and reduce costs. In 2012, the PWTF was established through the state’s health care cost-containment legislation, […]

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  • Integrating Community Health Worker Models into Evolving State Health Care Systems

    Monday, February 23, 2015 Moderator: CDR Thomas Pryor United States Public Health Service, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation Project Officer Presenters: Gail Hirsch Director, Office of Community Health Workers, Massachusetts Department of Public Health  Kari Armijo Health Care Reform Manager, Medical Assistance Division, New Mexico Human Services Department  Allie Gayheart Manager of Health Initiatives, […]

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  • Preconference: Improving Population Health Outcomes: Creating a Truly Comprehensive Health System

    Oct 15, 2012 8:30am – 3:30pm Speakers: Abbey Cofsky David Kindig John Auerbach Joshua Sharfstein Mary McIntyre Paul Wallace Robin Lunge Jeanene Smith Paul K. Halverson Rebecca Pasternik-Ikard Christopher Atchison Anne M. Barry As states seek to reform delivery and payment systems to accomplish the Triple Aim, they are identifying opportunities to integrate clinical and […]

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  • Preconference: Improving Health, Lowering Costs: Translating Population Health into Effective State Policy

    Monday, October 19, 2015 8:30-4:30pm This preconference is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Download the Preconference ebook There is broad recognition that in order to improve health and lower costs, policymakers need to build links between initiatives aimed at improving the quality of health care and reforming the delivery system and those that […]

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  • Population Health Components of State Innovation Model (SIM) Plans: Round 1 Model Testing State

    As we noted in a previous analysis, the State Innovation Model (SIM) Testing Awards that HHS awarded to six states (Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, and Vermont) were to support states’ work on multi-payer payment and delivery system reform. Strategies to improve the population’s health were a critical aspect of the SIM awards. The SIM […]

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  • HIPAA and Public Health: Myths and Facts

    Public health data has become increasingly important as the country focuses on achieving theTriple Aim of improving care, reducing costs, and improving population health. As public health data has the potential to inform a wide range of policy and programmatic decisions, finding ways to maximize available data sources can help policymakers implement more effective population […]

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  • What Innovations in Farming Can States Apply to Primary Care?

    Sixteen states are supporting primary care transformation through IMPaCT, a pilot program authorized by the Affordable Care Act to implement primary care extension, a strategy modeled after agricultural (cooperative) extension. Here, we talk with Robert Phillips, MD, VP of Policy and Research at the American Board of Family Medicine, about why and how we might […]

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  • Individual Marketplace Pediatric Dental Benefit Decisions for 2014

    This chart highlights marketplace policy decisions related to pediatric dental coverage for the 2014 plan year.  It tracks the kinds of pediatric dental products that marketplaces solicited and offered on the marketplace in 2014, particularly whether dental benefits were offered through stand-alone dental products (SADP), as “bundled” products that paired a specific SADP and a qualified […]

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  • Breaking Down Siloes to Improve Population Health in Maryland

    Along with increasing access to health coverage, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) presents many opportunities to reform the health care delivery system and invest in public health and prevention. Traditionally, there have been two predominantly siloed systems for supporting and improving health—the health care delivery and the public health systems—making it challenging to forge partnerships […]

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  • Webinars

    Leveraging Multiple State Data Sources to Drive Improvement in Population Health Outcomes

    Thursday, July 10, 2014: This webinar features an overview of state opportunities to identify and use data from a variety of sources to examine subpopulations, identify needs, and target interventions to address the needs of distinct populations. The webinar also features a discussion among three states that have taken innovative approaches to using data to drive meaningful changes in health outcomes for various subpopulations with critical needs.

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