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The New Association Health Plan Rule: What Are the Issues and Options for States

Last week, the Department of Labor released its final rule regulating association health plans (AHPs). The rule is part of the Trump Administration’s multi-pronged strategy to revise regulations governing AHPs, short-term insurance, and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs) to promote health care competition and choice.     The rule is expected to reshape state insurance markets and […]

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  • Ministry, Association, and Short-Term Health Plans: What’s a State to Do?
    State Health Policy Blog

    The Trump Administration is expanding the availability of alternatives to Affordable Care Act-compliant health insurance. Rules to expand association health plans and short-term limited duration health plans are imminent. So what’s a state to do to prepare consumers and insurance markets for these alternative plans? The Administration asserts these alternatives will provide choice and lower-cost […]

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