Eligibility and Enrollment

The focus of this paper is on enrollment and disenrollment policy and practice in Medicaid managed care. Specifically, this paper examines policies and practices in risk-based programs with attention to Primary Care Case Management (PCCM) program policies only as they specifically interact with risk-based enrollment policies. In risk-based managed care, a Medicaid agency contracts with […]

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    Enrollment and Disenrollment in Medicaid Managed Care Program Management

    How do Medicaid managed care program managers use enrollment and disenrollment information to manage their programs? What does a low disenrollment rate imply about health plan (and enrollment broker) performance? Are people who select a health plan less likely to disenroll than those who are assigned to a plan? What elements of an enrollment system […]

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    December 1, 1996 | Filed under: Eligibility and Enrollment, Medicaid, Publications