Drug Pricing

Governor Paul LePage signed into law “An Act to Prevent Opiate Abuse by Strengthening the Controlled Substances Prescription Monitoring Program” (now PL 2015, c. 488) on April 19, 2016, making Maine the second state to pass legislation on the issue this year. In March, Massachusetts passed the nation’s first law limiting first-time opioid prescriptions. Maine’s […]

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    States and Prescription Drugs: An Overview of State Programs to Rein in Costs

    States are significant purchasers of health care for Medicaid, inmates in correctional facilities, and public employees. Despite considerable efforts to maintain affordability, drug pricing continues to vex state budgets. While Medicaid is the largest single health expenditure in state budgets, spending on health care for public workers including state employees and retirees, legislators, judicial employees, […]

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