California participated as an ABCD II state during which project staff examined the delivery of appropriate mental health and developmental screening and treatment in primary care from both the state and local perspective. The project identified barriers to screening and treatment and developed strategies to overcome these challenges and improve the delivery of child development services.  During the ABCD Screening Academy, California continued to build on these initial steps by:

  • Providing final recommendations to the Child Health and Disability Prevention Program (CHDP) as they develop new Health Assessment Guidelines (HAG), and by passing four Senate bills creating several pilot programs to improve autism screening, diagnosis, referral, and treatment options.
  • Developing an ASQ calculator that assists providers in deciding which screening tool to use based on the age of the child for both the Ages & Stages Questionnaire® (ASQ) and the Ages & Stages Questionnaire®: Social Emotional (ASQ:SE).
  • Sustaining and spreading structured developmental screening by creating a California-specific screening website and a web-based community provider network toolkit. These web resources provide referral tools, encourages communication and information-sharing between primary care providers, other child and family service providers, community resources, and is designed to help state and county policy makers understand the "how, where and why" of developmental, socio-emotional & mental health screening for young children.



Title Description Date Published Activity
Help Me Grow Orange County: Physicians Feedback
(Suzanne Yockelson, Rebecca Hernandez, Joseph Donnelly, Carole Mintzer, Michelle Guerrero: Help Me Grow Orange County) This report provides feedback from physicians on their perceptions of Help Me Grow in Orange County, CA. December 2010 Addressing Needs and Gauging Success
Comparative Information on Other Developmental Screening Tools (California ABCD Screening Academy Project) Table of comparative information on additional screening tools for: social & emotional issues, autism, language and cognitive skills, motor skills, and specialized screening tools covering multiple but not all developmental domains. December 2008 Identifying Children and Families at Risk
Developmental services contact information for California counties with 2-1-1- programs (California ABCD Screening Academy Project) Spreadsheet on 2-1-1 service agencies by county, including contact information for the developmental services persons for each county, when available. December 2008 Addressing Needs
California AAP Pilot Site Data Collection Template

California AAP (2008) Excel spreadsheet developed for recording and analyzing data from pilot sites implementing developmental screening. Results and indicators are immediately tabulated as data is entered. This file can take a few moments to download and open. If you experience any difficulties, please contact Larry Hinkle,, and he will send you a copy of the Excel tool.

December 2008 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation
ABCD Goals and Strategies Matrix (California ABCD Screening Academy Project) Table outlining ABCD Screening Academy project goals, strategies to achieve goals, measures to collect to evaluate progress, baseline data, and whether and what agency has data available. December 2008 Spreading Results
ASQ Age Administration Calculator

(California ABCD Screening Academy Project) Excel-based tool used to help providers determine which ASQ tool to use with a client. Enter client data and Excel will automatically calculate the age of the child in days and recommend the best ASQ tool to use.

December 2008 Improving Quality in Practice: Provider Training
All County Letter (ACL) Regarding Availability of Early Intervention Services (The California Department of Social Services) This transmittal letter, while initially focused on referring children who have experienced child abuse to the Early Start Program, also expresses California’s conclusion that a local coordinated process should identify multiple pathways to provide early intervention services and not be solely dependent on Early Start services, and lists several recommended strategies taken from resources with existing programs and/or experiences with the implementation of the CAPTA amendment. December 2008 Making the Case
Principles and recommendations for developmental screening (State of California—Health and Human Services Agency, California Department of Public Health) This document summarizes the California Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health Program, Center for Family Health’s recommendations for developmental screening and early intervention, including identifying available resources and improving language. December 2008 Improving Policy
Developmental Screening Program Consent Form (California ABCD Screening Academy Project) Developmental Screening Program’s consent form for parents to permit use, disclosure, and/or release of their child’s personal and health information. December 2008 Improving Policy
California’s ABCD Strategy Implementation Matrix – System level (policy) (California ABCD Screening Academy Project) California identified system-level (policy) approaches to promote healthy development for all children. Table includes information on drivers, strategies, implementation, timeframe, action steps, update on the action steps, and lead/support agencies. December 2008 Improving Policy
Notes from California’s Early Childhood Development Summit (California ABCD Screening Academy Project) Notes from California’s Early Childhood Development Summit that brought stakeholders together to agree to a direction for the ongoing work of the State Leadership Collaborative on Early Childhood Development including: 1) A preliminary vision for working together; 2) Immediate next steps for producing results and sustaining our work. December 2008 Engaging Leaders: Establishing and Effectively Using a Stakeholder Committee
Developmental Screening Tools: Choices for Practices and Providers (Margaret Dunkle) California developed a table designed to help select high-quality and practical tools to screen children from birth to 8 years of age for developmental delays or disabilities. All tools listed have at least 70% accuracy – that is, sensitivity and specificity, correctly identifying at least 70% of children with and without disabilities, delays or problems. August 2008 Identifying Children and Families at Risk
Comparative Information on ASQ, PEDS and PEDS:DM (Margaret Dunkle) The California ABCD Screening Academy Project developed this table of comparative information on ASQ, PEDS and PEDS:DM, including a description of the tool, developmental domains covered, accuracy, age range, administration time, scoring, psychometric properties, available languages and reading level, costs, and purchasing and additional information. August 2008 Identifying Children and Families at Risk
Generic Consent Form

(First Five Marin County) Generic consent form that can be personalized by each project or organization using it. Includes a positive check option for respondent to select the specific agencies that can access health information.

December 2006 Improving Policy
Questionnaire for Best PCP Stakeholders (Cricket Mitchell: California ABCD Project) A questionnaire used to glean information regarding potential stakeholder interests & potential roles. December 2005 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation
California Best PCP measures of outcomes – Diagram (California ABCD Project) Flowchart: California Best PCP Measures of Outcomes showing the relationships between Primary Care and "Outside" resources. February 2005 Gauging Success: Measurement and Evaluation
California Matrix of Services and Populations (California ABCD Project, Screening Matrix) A spreadsheet detailing available Medicaid services and populations receiving services. December 2004 Addressing Needs


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