Building Safety Net Billing Capacity: State Support for a Solid Foundation

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Safety net providers will need to expand their capacity to participate in Medicaid and Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) when many of their patients gain insurance coverage in 2014. This webinar will discuss concrete ways that states can facilitate safety net provider participation in Medicaid and QHPs in order to serve newly insured and remaining uninsured populations. Speakers from Maryland and Texas will share examples of their work. This webinar is funded through NASHP’s NOSLO Cooperative Agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration.


MaryAnne Lindeblad, Medicaid Director, Washington State Health Care Authority

Kathy Witgert, Program Director, NASHP

Gervean Williams, Director of Finance & Operations Management, National Association of Community Health Centers

Ray Jorgenson, MS, CPC, President & CEO, PMG

Russ Montgomery, Director, Maryland Health Quality & Cost Council; Policy Advisor, Office of the Deputy Secretary for Public Health, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Maryland

Mark Luckner, Executive Director, Community Health Resources Commission, Maryland

Alex Melis, Senior Policy Analyst, Medicaid/Children’s Health Insurance Program Division, Health and Human Services Commission, Texas

Laura Jourdan, Senior Policy Analyst, Health and Human Services Commission, Texas



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