Building a More Efficient Marketplace: Lessons from DC Health Link’s Experience with Open Source Code

Every open enrollment affords the health insurance marketplaces new opportunities to introduce innovative ways to improve their systems while lowering costs. For the 2015-16 open enrollment season, DC Health Link, the District of Columbia’s health insurance marketplace, levied such an opportunity by transferring their marketplace onto a new open source code solution. Agile, efficient, and cost effective, open source code is an intriguing possibility for SBMs looking to contain costs while improving their technology and consumer experience. After switching to an open source code solution for the 2015-2016 enrollment season, DC Health Link has reported significant savings, a reduction in consumer complaints, and greater agility to address and improve technical functions. This brief uses the experience of DC Health Link to explore how other SBMs may be able to leverage open source technology to find similar benefits.

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