Better Together: State Strategies for Medicaid-Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Coordination

Successful coordination between Medicaid and Ryan White HIV/AIDS programs is one key to improving care and services for persons living with HIV/AIDS. As more people living with HIV/AIDS gain health insurance coverage, effective coordination between programs remains critical. During this webinar, state officials will discuss promising practices for coordination in the areas of inter-agency communication, program eligibility, access to care, benefits, and prescription drugs. This webinar is supported through a cooperative agreement with the Health Resources and Services Administration.


  • Kathy Witgert, Program Director, NASHP
  • Dr. Karen Mark, Chief, Office of AIDS, Center for Infectious Diseases,Department of Public Health, California
  • Dr. David Collier, Associate Medical Director, Bureau of TennCare, Tennessee
  • H. Dawn Fukuda, Director, Office of HIV/AIDS, Bureau of Infectious Disease, Department of Public Health, Massachusetts
  • Barbara Lantz, Manager, Quality and Care Management, Washington State Health Care Authority
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