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Arkansas’ ABCD III project, AR LINKS (Linkages Improve Networks and Knowledge of Services), plans to build AR LINKS on current initiatives and partnerships, many created through their work in the ABCD Screening Academy. The strong partnership between Medicaid, the Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education, and the local AAP and AAFP chapters enabled Arkansas to implement policies and practices to improve identification of children at risk for developmental delay. This work created a strong platform on which to base the new work on linkages.  Not only are policies in place to support screening, but many providers have already begun to use screening tools, and a broad range of stakeholders recognize the importance of developmental services.   Also, the leadership group formed for the ABCD Screening Academy continued to work together after the Screening Academy ended and will work together to implement this project. 
Project staff has already begun planning to address issues that impede linkages including: PCPs lack knowledge about community resources, multiple conduits for referrals, ineffective referral and follow up processes at the state and community levels; lack of coordination among programs serving children with developmental problems, and lack of care coordination capacity. This grant funding and the technical assistance provided by NASHP will enable Arkansas to accelerate, enhance, and expand these efforts.

Title  Description  Date  Activity 
Arkansas Provider Feedback and Consent Form (AR LINKS: 2012) This is a standardized provider feedback and consent form that was developed by the Arkansas team for the ABCD III project. This form, which is both HIPAA and FERPA compliant, allows physicians to refer to and then receive feedback from providers of Early Intervention services with feedback on referrals to Early Intervention. August 2012 Testing Models and Care Coordination and Linkages to Services
AR Links Community Cafés and Protocol (AR LINKS: 2012) This is a protocol designed by the Arkansas ABCD III team to be used at Community Cafés designed to raise awareness about the project and the state’s ABCD III work. The protocol is designed to ask participants information about child health and development services, and where they receive their information. The protocol also requests information regarding ways participants believe the delivery systems providing services can be improved. August 2012 Engaging Key Stakeholders and Care Coordination and Linkages to Services
Statewide Spread Strategy for Arkansas’ ABCD Project  Arkansas ABCD Screening Academy Project. Strategies and action steps for Arkansas’ ABCD Project to promote statewide spread of innovations.  December 2008 Spreading Results