Alerts and Advisories

Feedback from reported data can help foster needed change within an institution. It can offer providers information on best practices and help prioritize critical issues in need of attention. It can also help purchasers and consumers exert external pressure for change and improvement by providing information about health care facility safety. Finally, it can assure the public that the issue is being addressed, improving the public trust. Challenges associated with feedback Providers have indicated that lack of data feedback from reporting systems is a disincentive to report. They view reporting systems that do not provide feedback as data graveyards, a burden that provides no benefits. Reporting systems can dispel this notion by disseminating useful information that can be used to spur change and offer helpful and effective “lessons learned.” Providing users with an easy and efficient way to access meaningful data can be challenging for states. These challenges include determining what data sets are appropriate and useful to disseminate, creating user-friendly formats for disseminating information, targeting the appropriate audience, and determining the most useful mechanisms for disseminating the information in order to reach the intended audience.