The Alaska ABCD Screening Academy Project established a statewide stakeholder group, implemented the use of a standardized screening tool in several practices, and worked to identify and implement state policy improvements to support effective screening. Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy project in Alaska improved structured developmental screening by:

  • Recommending a revision in Early Intervention eligibility levels from 50% developmental delays to 25% and requesting additional funding for Part C/Early Intervention services.
  • Developing universal referral and feedback forms in demonstration site areas designed to improve the referral and communication process, forms which can be adapted for other areas of the state, and developing resources for parents on "why to follow up with a referral" to be printed and distributed along with other information to primary care offices.
  • Spreading the use of validated, objective screening tools by implementing screening in additional sites and sustaining these activities through funding from the Alaska Mental Health Trust.
Title Description Date Published Activity
Alaska’s Referral Process for Pilot Sites (Alaska ABCD Project) Flow chart of referral process for pilot sites December 2007 Addressing Needs