The Alabama ABCD Screening Academy Project worked to spread structured developmental and social emotional screening in primary health care practices.  The ABCD Screening Academy Project work plan will be incorporated into Alabama’s Blueprint for School Readiness (Zero to Five) plan.

Specifically, the ABCD Screening Academy project in Alabama improved developmental screening by:

  • Expanding Medicaid and All Kids reimbursement for standardized screening and modifying policy and billing manuals to inform providers of the changes. In addition, S-CHIP is now paying for up to 4 standardized screenings tied into a well-child visit during the first 4 years – which so far has led to a 600 percent increase in claims for the 96110 procedure code.
  • Sustaining and spreading the use of validated, objective screening tools as part of well child care through partnerships with The Alabama Partnership for Children (APC), the Alabama AAP chapter and The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) as well as pursuing grant funding to bolster coordination of early childhood services and streamline resources to improve outcomes for young children and their families.
Title Description Date Published Activity
Alabama’s ECCS Organization (Alabama ABCD Screening Academy Project) Two PowerPoint slides for Alabama’s Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Initiative (ECCS), the first is an organizational chart for ECCS, the second is a flow chart of their progress from 2002 to 2008. December 2008 Improving Policy
Alabama’s Early Intervention System: Dear Doctor letter (Alabama ABCD Project) Alabama Early Intervention System’s ‘Dear Doctor’ letter, a check-off form letter used by Alabama’s Early Intervention System (AIES) service coordinators to communicate back with physicians and other members of the multidisciplinary service team about their patients’ Individualized Service Plan (ISP). December 2008 Improving Policy
Community Resource Data Form (Alabama ABCD Project) The purpose of this tool is to provide a structured approach to collecting information about services in the community that might benefit patients. December 2007 Addressing Needs
Community Resources Inventory (Paula Duncan) The purpose of this tool is to structure an approach to identifying community resources that might enhance a practice’s ability to serve their patients. This tool allows practitioners to evaluate which organizations they would like to develop or improve links with. December 2007 Addressing Needs
Locating Community-Based Services for Children and Families (Alabama ABCD Project) PowerPoint presentation created to provide stakeholders with information about Alabama’s participation in the ABCD Screening Academy. Presentation provides information on identifying generic and specialized community resources for families and children, birth to five years, and identifying roles for participant involvement in the local ABCD Demonstration Project. September 2007 Addressing Needs
Agenda for meeting: Locating Community-Based Services to Support Children (Birth to Five) and Families (Alabama ABCD Project) Agenda for meeting held September 26, 2007 to introduce stakeholders to the Alabama ABCD project. September 2007 Addressing Needs