2017 E-News Archive

December 19, 2017: States Work to Curb Rx Costs in 2018, and Brace for Insurance Reform
December 12, 2017: States Consider Medicaid Buy-In to Expand Coverage Options
December 5, 2017: National Academy Recommends Strategies to Lower Rx Prices That States Are Already Trying
November 28, 2017: Is It Safe and Cost-Effective to Import Drugs from Canada? Yes, These Infographics Show Why
November 21, 2017: Infographic Highlights the Hard Decisions States Face When Closing CHIP Programs
November 14, 2017: NASHP Identifies State Strategies to Help Schools Eliminate Racial Disparities
November 7, 2017: CMS Makes It Easier for States to Apply for Waivers
October 31, 2017: Surgeon General Jerome Adams Discusses Opioids and the Importance of Partnerships at NASHPCONF17
October 24, 2017: 800 Leaders Explore State Health Care at NASHP’s Annual Conference
October 17, 2017: CSR Payments End, Week 3 with No CHIP Funding, Read More in NASHP’s E-News
October 10, 2017: NASHP Awards Grants to Colorado, Delaware, and Oklahoma to Tackle Rising Rx Drug Prices
October 3, 2017: Surgeon General Jerome Adams to Speak at NASHP Health Policy Conf. Oct. 25
September 26, 2017: What Kind of Health Care Does America Want? Time for a Bipartisan Discussion
September 19, 2017: CHIP’s Future, Home Visiting Funding, and more
September 12, 2017: Oregon Integrates Oral and Physical Health in Medicaid Using Coordinated Care Organizations
September 5, 2017: State Strategies to Address Rising Prices Caused by Health Care Consolidations
August 29, 2017: Increasing Urgency for States on Congressional Action for CHIP
August 22, 2017: Lowering Drug Costs: Transparency Legislation Sets Off Flurry of New State Approaches
August 15, 2017: Cost Sharing Reductions – What They Are, Why They Matter and How States are Preparing if They Go Away
August 8, 2017: State of Play: Latest Update on Federal Health Reform Efforts
August 1, 2017State CHIP Changes Are Coming Soon
July 25, 2017: BCRA and the Byrd Rule, Strategies to Strengthen Health and Housing Partners
July 18, 2017: Prescription Drug Rate Setting, New Blog on Funding Health-Related Social Needs
July 12, 2017: New Chart: Issuers Hold Steady in State-based Exchange States
June 27, 2017: Up-to-the-Minute Details on the Senate Health Care Bill
June 20, 2017: NASHP Launches Center for State Rx Drug Pricing
June 13, 2017: ACA vs. AHCA: State and County Comparisons and #NASHPCONF17 Registration Opens
June 6, 2017: Supreme Court Decision Removes Barrier to Importing US Patented Drug Products at Lower Cost
May 30, 2017: Managing High Drug Prices through Importation
May 23, 2017: State Views on the Current Congressional Debate and Braiding Funds to House Complex Medicaid Beneficiaries
May 16, 2017: A Look at State Strategies for Adolescent Depression Screening
May 9, 2017: New Chart Shows ACA/AHCA Comparison
May 2, 2017: What’s New in State Drug Pricing Legislation, Using DSRIP to Improve Population Health
April 25, 2017: Health Care is Back on the Hill, CHIP FAQ, and more!
April 18, 2017: Should Maine’s Invisible High Risk Pool Law be the Model to Address Market Stability Nationally?
April 11, 2017: Critical Time for the Future of CHIP and Innovative Strategies to Promote Women’s Health
April 4, 2017: How Minnesota Uses Medicaid Levers to Address Maternal Depression, Sponsor and Exhibit at NASHPCONF17
March 28, 2017: What’s Next for the Individual Market?
March 21, 2017: An Update on the Three Prongs of Health Reform
March 14, 2017: 1332 Waivers and State Leaders Talk AHCA
March 7, 2017: What the American Health Care Act Means for States
February 28, 2017: ERISA & State Innovation, Substance Use & Primary Care Integration
February 21, 2017: 2017 Survey of CHIP Directors and New Fact Sheet Looks at Lead Screening & Treatment in Medicaid & CHIP
February 14, 2017: Health Savings Accounts — Lessons from States; Questions for Policymakers and the Latest on the ACA
February 7, 2017: Selling Health Insurance Across State Lines and the Latest on the ACA
January 31, 2017: New ACA State Checklist and High Risk Pools Blog
January 24, 2017: An Overview of ACA Provisions and Their Repeal Implications for States
January 17, 2017: New report shows increase in ED utilization for behavioral health
January 10, 2017: Reflections on Repeal and Replace
January 3, 2017: The Health Policy Pendulum


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