2008 : Health Reform on the Horizon: Conversations about Coverage


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All Hands On Deck: Coordinating Services For Young Children

Speakers: Christine Collins
Kay Johnson
Rosanne Griff-Cabelli
Cheryl Roberts

Benchmark Plan or HSA? Wisconsin and Indiana's Different Tacks to Expanding Coverage With Medicaid

Speakers: Michael Collisi
Vicki Jessup

Bridging The Gulf: Building Interagency Partnerships for Quality Improvement

Speakers: Anne M. Barry
Jill Rosenthal
Josh Cutler
Marcia Nielsen

Checking Their Bearings: Health Care Reform in Massachusetts and Vermont

Speakers: Sarah Iselin
Richard Figueroa
Trish Riley
Susan Besio

Closing the Divide: Health Care for Immigrant Families

Speakers: Ann Morse
Carrie Bridges

Covering All Kids and Keeping Them That Way

Speakers: Anita Smith
George Hoover
Lesley Cummings
Nicole Ravenell

Creating Incentives to Convert Nursing Homes Into Home and Community-Based Options

Speakers: Dann Milne
James F. Pezzuti
Virgil Hughes

Don’t Treat Me Like a Kid! Challenges in Covering and Caring for Adolescents

Speakers: Lee Partridge
Rebecca Mendoza
Tony Rodgers

Driving Value and Quality with State Purchasing Innovations

Speakers: Christopher Koller
Gregory A. Franklin
Julie Sonier
Scott Leitz

Help Wanted: State Strategies on Health Care Workforce Planning

Speakers: Doreen Chamberlin
Jack Dillenberg
Pam Hanes
Sally Fogerty

In the Mainstream: Integrating Mental Health with Primary Care

Speakers: Christine Farrell
Denise Levis Hewson
Neva Kaye Alice Lind
Denise Levis Hewson
MaryAnne Lindeblad

It’s Not a House, It’s a Medical Home

Speakers: Neva Kaye
William W. Lawrence

Joan Henneberry

Christopher Atchison

Keeping the Wind in Their Sails: Encouraging and Supporting Employer Coverage

Speakers: John Morrison
Lissa Dimauro
Lynn Quincy

No Waivers Needed: Covering Long-Term Care Services in the Community

Speakers: Jack Tiner
Kathryn Poisal

Overcoming Conflicting Incentives In Managed Long-Term Care

Speakers: David Grabowski
David Oropallo
Pamela Parker
Alan Schafer

Putting Long-Term Care on an Even Keel

Speakers: Lisa Alecxih
Susan C. Reinhard

Putting the Health in Health Care Reform: Using Public Health Approaches to Focus on Outcomes

Speakers: Cara McNulty
Linda McCart
Sally Fogerty
Angela Dombrowicki

Remaking Disease Management Into Health Management

Speakers: David Wood
Stephen E. Saunders
Teri Green
Phyllis Sloyer

Turning the Tide: Promoting Cultural Change in Nursing Homes

Speakers: Greg Voorheis
Kathy Greenlee
Robyn Stone

Using Purchasing, Partnerships, and Payments to Improve Patient Safety

Speakers: Dianne Feeney
Kathy Vincent
Mike Nardone

All Aboard! Finding and Enrolling Hard-to-Reach Populations

Speakers: Carlotta Dixon
Marisol Atkins
Rachel Benson Gold
Jane Beyer

Smile! Assuring Oral Health for People with Complex Needs

Speakers: Britt Catron
Martha Dellapenna
Paul Glassman
Tricia Leddy