Tracking Medicaid Expansion Decisions: A Closer Look at Legislative Activity

For 2014 legislative activity and other Medicaid expansion updates, see State Refor(u)m’s Medicaid expansion map.

At State Refor(u)m, we are continuing to track state Medicaid expansion activities. This revised chart includes additional details on key elements of Medicaid expansion bills that have been introduced in state legislatures, such as proposals to provide coverage to the expansion population through qualified health plans on the exchange, special requirements related to cost sharing or care delivery, or options allowing a state to discontinue participation in the expansion. You’ll also find direct links to statements from the governor or executive branch and fiscal and demographic analyses from the state or other institutions. This chart is a record of legislation introduced, but does not track the exact status of bills moving around in state legislatures, though we will include when bills pass chambers and/or are signed by a Governor.

Like all State Refor(u)m research, this chart is a collaborative effort with you, the user. State Refor(u)m captures the health reform comments, documents, and links submitted by health policy thinkers and doers all over the country. And our team periodically supplements, analyzes, and compiles this key content.