Children’s Health Insurance

State Developed Outreach Materials

Outreach is important as states work to cover more children. States have long employed various strategies to reach uninsured children and educate families about the coverage programs available to them. Whether states are using media campaigns, building partnerships with community-based organizations, or using simple messages, they benefit from learning from each other’s successes. Here we will post or link to innovative state outreach tools that may include flyers, commercials, or messages that others can adapt and use in their own states.


Virginia’s Teen Campaign
In 2007, Virginia’s CHIP program, known as FAMIS, developed a campaign specifically focused on reaching adolescents. The state’s strategy included:
  • Launching a teen section on their FAMIS Website
  • Producing a YouTube-like commercial with a teen spokesperson, which is different from a commercial designed to target parents of uninsured children
  • Creating a logo that appealed to teens
For more information, click here to access the power point slides from the presentation given at NASHP’s 2008 Annual Conference on Virginia’s teen outreach campaign.


After Pennsylvania implemented the state’s children’s Buy-In program, which allows families with uninsured children whose income makes them ineligible for the state’s CHIP program to pay the full unsubsidized premium for CHIP coverage, the state began publishing fliers promoting the simple message: “We Cover All Kids.” Recently, Pennsylvania developed a new message intended to reach families who have been affected by the recession and may not be familiar with the state’s children’s coverage programs.

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